Ear Candy

The wait is finally over. I got my PEZ MP3 in the mail today. I have to give my props to Pat.

It’s slightly larger than a real PEZ dispenser, but you don’t really notice that until you look at them side by side. This thing is pretty solid. It took an accidental four-foot drop with no problems.

I was only able to load 80 MP3s, just under 490MB, onto it before it filled up. The sound quality isn’t bad. I wouldn’t recommend it for the audiophiles out there, but for a PEZ enthusiast like me it’s a nifty little gadget.

Oddly, 2 of the 12 preloaded indie songs were missing.

Now I just have to mod it so I can put on a different head. I’m thinking either Spider-Man or Mario.

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