As excited as I get.

Originally, my truck should have been at the dealer Friday night. The old guy that was supposed to go pick it up forgot. He didn’t leave to go get it until sometime yesterday.

We got to the dealer around 3:00 yesterday. The truck wasn’t there yet so they went ahead and inspected my trade in. I don’t think they noticed the damage to the rear bumper from that time I backed into a ditch. I told them about how the front passenger’s door had to be replaced because some old man hit it in a parking lot less than a week after I got it. I think they also didn’t notice how the paint was chipping off of that door. I checked the Blue Book value not too long ago and I pessimistically expected to get $2000 out of it. I was surprised when they came back and said they’d give me $3000.

We waited around the lot, looked under the hood of a similar truck, and looked at several cars in the show room like a Corvette, that ugly SSR, and a Cadillac XLR. The head sales dude came up and said the old guy went to the wrong lot to get the truck. He gave us $20 to eat on and said he’d call us when the truck got there. We got a bite at Demos’ and mom wanted to go to Kmart and the mall. We got back to the dealer around 5:30 and the truck showed up a little while after that. I drove it around then came back and did the paperwork. The detailing guys left early so my sales guy and the head sales dude cleaned it up. After that, they set up the XM radio and I was on my way.

Right when I was getting back into town I got a call from Andy wanting to see the truck. So after the folks left I went over there and we went for a drive. We passed Steven on the road and we all pulled over in the Wendy’s parking lot so he could look at the truck.

Oh yeah, Eric will be glad to know that I got the free basketball.

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  1. Posted by Eric on 05.04.04 at 11:00 am

    I am glad you got the bball. You got to take those crooks for everything you can.

  2. Posted by Andy on 04.04.04 at 9:24 pm

    I like the truck a lot, it will be nice to take fishing.

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