Zune Love

I’ve been out of the loop regarding new Zune developments for several months. The combined efforts of my dog and myself left me with an unsyncable Zune 30. So when the 3.0 update rolled around I was still stuck with 2.5. The silver lining was that I didn’t experience the leap year freeze that everyone else did.

With the cash I got for Christmas and some of my Amazon gift certs, I picked up a shiny (and I mean shiny) new Zune 120. After upgrading to the new firmware, I started reading up on all the new additions (games, wireless Marketplace, etc.). Like with the Xbox 360, Microsoft is encouraging people to write games using their XNA Game Studio.

Although intended for game development, people are using XNA to write apps for their Zunes. I need to do some studying on XNA and Visual C#, and then I will probably adapt my random restaurant selector for the Zune.

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