As you may recall, I had some issues with my cable several months back and was so disgusted with the service that I had it canceled all together. It was tough in the first few weeks, but since then I’ve actually coped with the lack of cable surprisingly well. I pick up all the local channels (in HD) with an antenna, and I download a few cable shows off the internet.

I’m moving out this weekend, and have most of my stuff packed up right now. As I was getting some stuff together in the bedroom, I decided to plug in the small TV I have in there to see what was on. I had already packed up the antenna, so the reception wasn’t very clear. Looking behind my dresser, I found a length of coax that had been abandoned after I ditched my cable. It was still attached to the wall jack. I attached the other end to my TV to see if it would give a slight improvement in reception. To my surpise, the picture was incredibly clear. I started flipping through the channels, each one as clear as the next, when I noticed some channels showing up that I can’t get over the air.

I have free cable! I guess the cable guy must have messed up the wiring when he was performing the installation for my new neighbors, and unknowingly supplied me with cable. Who knows how long I had this and didn’t even realize it. I can’t even enjoy it because I’m leaving tomorrow. I may be even more upset over this than I am about getting laid off.

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