Hair Band Horror: Paganini Horror

Nicolo Paganini was an Italian violinist, widely considered to be the greatest of all time. Paganini’s compositions were so celebrated that speculation arose that he had entered into a pact with the Devil. People who attended his performances claimed to have seen Satan appear at Paganini’s side, guiding his fingers as he played. Others declared that Paganini’s violin emulated the sound of weeping. Rumors began to circulate that he had trapped his wife’s soul in his violin and used her intestines to make its strings. When Paganini died, his compositions were hidden away.

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

An unnamed, mostly female band is having trouble writing a hit song for their new album. The only male member buys an unreleased Paganini song from a mysterious man named Mr. Picket, played by Donald Pleasence. The band reworks Paganini’s melody into their new song, and hires a famed horror director to shoot their “video clip” in the mansion where Paganini killed his wife.

Devil mask
I’m simultaneously aroused and disturbed by this image.

When the girls perform the song, Paganini appears and starts stabbing people with a dagger hidden in his violin. They try to escape, but are prevented by one of those underground electric fences.

This electrocution effect is overused throughout the film.

The guitarist is found covered in blood and green slime. The women deduce that she was obviously killed by a wood fungus found on logs floating in certain European rivers. I’m not making that up. The band’s manager is crushed by an invisible wall until her head explodes.

“Your head a splode.”

When the sun rises, Paganini turns into a pile of dust. So I guess he was a vampire?

Reasons to Watch:

  • Bathtub electrocution
  • Hot guitarist
  • Hotter bass player
  • Donald Pleasence tossing cash off of a roof
  • Calculus graffiti
  • The invisible barrier

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