Odd eBay Items

Last week’s seller of the Cannibal Squirrel may be my new hero. This week he’s selling a squirrel with heads for hands.

Lobster Boy Hand Cast Son of Lobster Boy Hand Cast

Grady Stiles, Jr. was a famous freak show performer known as Lobster Boy. He was also a wife-beater and convicted murderer. His own family hired a hitman to kill him. You may have seen the story on City Confidential. This is a cast of the hand of his son, who has the same deformity.

Cow Skull Mutilated Cow Skull

Here is the skull of a cow that died under mysterious circumstances. I’ve heard a lot of theories on the cause of cattle mutilations. Alien experiments. Satanic cults. Black Ops. Chupacabras. Giant bloodthirsty rabbits.

Vagina Costume Vagina Costume

Um… it’s a costume that looks like a vagina. What else is there to say?

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  1. Posted by Andy on 30.10.07 at 8:17 am

    I will be interested to see if he can top the squirrel with heads for hands next week.

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