Phone Spam

I got a new cell phone number back in March. I had it for about three weeks when I started getting calls from a debt collection agency for a guy named Thomas. At first the calls started coming while I was at work and unable to answer them. Most of the time it was a recorded message, but sometimes it was a real person. You would think that when they reached my voicemail and heard a different name than that of the person they were looking for, they would realize they had the wrong number.

This kept up for awhile. Always calling while I was at work. Almost always leaving me a message. It got to the point where they were calling everyday. Sometimes more than once per day. Occasionally they called at times when I was able to answer, but it was a recorded message telling me to hold for the next available agent. I wasn’t going to waste my time doing that.

Eventually, after about three months, I answered a call and got a live person on the other end. I told the man that he had the wrong person, but I don’t think he believed me. I was becoming slightly irate. He read off this guy’s home address to me. It was somewhere in Florida. I told him that the number he called is in Tennessee. He apologized for calling and promptly hung up.

They never called back… until last month. They’ve been calling about once a week. Tonight I did a little research and found that a section of Florida uses the area code 941, just one digit off from my area code. I did a reverse lookup on my number with the 941 area code but found nothing. I had the guy’s name, but wasn’t sure how to spell it. I tried searching for him using every possible spelling I could think of. It didn’t take long to find him. Now I have his home address, phone number, and email. If these debt collectors knew how to use Google they could have this info as well. Next time they call I’m going to hand it all over and hopefully I won’t hear from them again.

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