I like to call it the CLiTT

Right now I have my Xbox 360 and PC networked together, with the PC’s dial-up connection shared. It allows me to connect to Xbox Live so I can download patches and gamerpics, and upload my achievements. I’ve attempted to use it for downloading small arcade games and other DLC, but the connection keeps dropping out. If I want anything bigger than 10MB, I have to take my 360 over to my sister’s house.

Once, I thought I was being clever by just taking my hard drive over there instead of my whole 360. I slapped the hard drive on Matt’s console and downloaded a few songs for Rock Band. When I put the drive back on my 360, the songs didn’t show up. Turns out that the content contains DRM that links it to the console that was used to download it. The only way I can play it on my console is if I’m online and logged into my Xbox Live account, which means I’d have the phone line tied up the whole time.

Lucky for me, Microsoft just released a content license transfer tool. Now, you can associate all the content you’ve downloaded under your GamerTag with one console. However, you’re only allowed to use it once per year.