New Injury

I stabbed myself in the hand, in that web-like area between the thumb and index finger, with a flathead screwdriver.

Smashed Ankle

TV Cancellations

Most TV shows have wrapped up the 2007-2008 season by now. Several of those were cut short by the writers strike. If you’ll recall, I started out the season with the intent of picking up ten new shows. I continued with several of them, but stopped watching Bionic Woman, Moonlight, New Amsterdam, and Flash Gordon. Apparently a lot of other people did also, because those shows were canceled. I was disappointed about the cancellations of Journeyman and Carpoolers, a show that wasn’t on my original list.

I went 3 for 4 on my cancellation predictions. The only one I was wrong about is Life, which turned out to be my favorite new show of the season. The other shows that will be returning are Reaper, Pushing Daises, Chuck, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.