Aggregate Jang Device

Gmail does a pretty good job at filtering spam. It’s a rare occurrence when junk mail makes it to my inbox, and even rarer when legitimate mail winds up in the spam folder. While browsing for false positives on one of my Gmail accounts, I noticed a rather large amount of “penis enlargement” spam. The subject lines look like they were written by someone who speaks English as a second language, although some of the misspellings are obviously deliberate attempts to get through filters. This is just a small portion of what I have received:

  • Such a simple, elegant solution to putting on inches to the tool in your pants.
  • Don’t just make her moan, make her moan so load that she wakes the neighbours up.
  • This wonder supplement increases your length, girth , as well as ejaculate volume.
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  • Be the tiger in bed you always wanted to be, with 3 more inches added to your manhood
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  • Thrusting hard into her, she now feels it so deeply thanks to the 3 inches I have added
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  • Big instrument drive chicks crazy


Since I’m a new 360 owner, there’s a large catalog of older games that I haven’t played. GameStop has had some nice deals on used games this month with 25% off coupons and $10 trade in bonuses. I picked up Prey and Perfect Dark Zero one day for about $14. After beating Prey, I traded it in along with Saints Row that I got for Christmas, and picked up Lego Star Wars II and Quake 4 for $0.77. That was last Wednesday. I started playing Lego Star Wars immediately and didn’t touch Quake 4 until last night. That’s when I found out that GameStop gave me the bonus disc for Quake 4. All it contained was some behind-the-scenes videos and a ported version of Quake II, a game I played 10 years ago.

I went back to GameStop after work to take the disc back. They didn’t have any other copies of Quake 4 so the guy told me I could swap it for another game of the same price. I didn’t really feel like searching for another game, so I asked him to give me store credit. I probably should have just told him to put it down on a GTA IV pre-order.


I’ve recently fallen into a downward spiral of addiction. An addiction to chips and salsa. It began innocently enough. A peer encouraged me to give it a try. I became a casual user and partook when the opportunity arose. Things started getting out of hand a few months ago. The more I used, the more I needed to satisfy the monkey on my back. I was out on the streets trying to score my next fix. I had a $6-a-week habit.

Like some addicts, I’ve made the natural progression from user to manufacturer. I’ve found that I can make my own salsa at home for about a third of what it costs in the store.