Odd eBay Items

Water Tower Water Tower

Buy your own 55,000 gallon water tower. Available for pick up only.

Scrotum Smasher Scrotum Smasher

I thought this was going to be some insane torture device, but it’s just a guitar preamp with a funny name. Scrotum.

Pictures of a Cannibalistic Rat

Ten photos of a rat eating another rat. Not for the squeamish.

Death and…

I’m at risk of losing my status as a procrastinator. For the first time ever, I filed my taxes in the month of January. This year I was able to get an electronic copy of my W-2. It showed up in my inbox Friday evening. I copied and pasted everything into TaxACT and e-filed that night.

Free Xbox Live

I got a 360 for Christmas. After seeing some of the downloadable content for Rock Band, I looked around for cheap Microsoft Points cards and found a few sites where you can get them for free.

I got 1600 MS Points and a 3-month Live subscription from Gaming Lagoon, and another 3-months from Prize Rebel. They offer free games and accessories for Wii, PS3, PC, PSP, and more.

If anyone is interested, I wrote up a guide for exactly what you have to do to get this stuff.

I also got a free wireless headset that works with Xbox Live from playing games at Live Search Club. I’m still waiting on it to arrive though.


I got another 1600 MS Points from Rewards1.

Degenerate Neighbor

I heard some more loud talking through the wall again the other night. I couldn’t clearly make out what was being said. Thinking that I could be in store for another fight, I put my ear to the wall to get a better listen.

This time, the father was describing to his son, in graphic detail, a pornographic video he had seen. I won’t repeat exactly what was said, but it involved erotic asphyxiation, sodomy, feces, sadomasochism, and regurgitation.

He then offered to show the video to the son, to which the son declined.

New Injury

While leaving the house a few mornings ago, I slipped on a patch of ice on the back steps, fell flat on my back, and slid the rest of the way down. Luckily there was no one around to see it. I’ve been sore all week.