Bioshock = Methadone

I just canceled my World of Warcraft subscription. Shocked? I’ve reached most of the goals I had in the game. I have some nice daggers, mostly good armor, and two epic flying mounts. I’m exalted with most factions, my profession skills are maxed out, and I have more gold in my wallet than I know what to do with. It may just be because I’ve been playing other games lately, but I’m kind of bored with WoW at the moment.

I started playing WoW exactly two years ago tomorrow. I didn’t realize that until I saw it in my account details after I had canceled. Two years since Eric got me hooked on crack.

I’m not washing my hands of the game just yet. I’ve already paid to play through October 9. I’ll probably start playing again when the new expansion is released, whenever that may be. If I ever get the urge to go back I can just pick up a pre-paid game card and play a month at a time.

I beat Bioshock on Saturday. Almost immediatley afterwards I started playing it again. Most single player shooters don’t have a lot of replay value, but Bioshock has different outcomes depending on your actions.

Under the Sea

I picked up Bioshock yesterday. It’s the best game I’ve played on the PC since Half Life 2. Maybe even better. This is also the first game other than WoW that I’ve played on the new machine. I’m glad to see it runs smooth. No hiccups at all.

This is one of those games that you don’t want to beat. You just want to take your time and enjoy it.

Hell Freezing Over

We’re in the middle of a heat wave. Every day for the last two weeks the high temperature has been 100° or more. I’m not sure how accurate the thermometer on my truck is, but one day last week it showed the outside temperature was 111°. I’m afraid to see what my next utility bill will look like.

Tonight I opened my web browser and chuckled when I saw Sunday’s forecast in the weather gadget on my Google homepage.

97° and Snow


first review at work
boss says I’m doing okay
gave me a small raise

Second Attempt?

My neighbors moved out yesterday. I lived right next to them for about 5 months and never knew what they looked like until a couple weeks ago when I met the wife. It figures that they would move out now that I can finally put a face to all the sex noises I heard through the wall.
Since I didn’t have to worry about waking people up last night, I stayed up past 3 a.m. watching movies and gaming. That used to be a regular occurrence in college, but I’ve only done it a few times recently. I wasn’t really that sleepy when I went to bed. It made me think about that time I tried to see how long I could stay awake.
At the time I thought that in order to stay awake I would need a lot of caffeine and sugar. So during the night I gorged on Twinkies and Mountain Dew. That ended up making me jittery and nauseous. After a little over 27 hours I gave up and went to sleep. I faced a lot of ridicule for that.
Knowing what I know now, I think I could go a lot longer if I were to try again. Maybe next weekend or the weekend after that I’ll give it another shot. I just don’t want to be one of those people you hear about who dies while playing World of Warcraft for three days straight.

Haunted Phone?

I was just sitting here at the computer when I heard a voice coming from my pocket. “You have no new messages.” My cell phone had decided to call voicemail and turn on the speaker phone. Weird.