Crisis Averted


There is not a cable jack in the room where I have my computer. I’ve been missing a lot of TV during the approximately two hours per night that I spend playing WoW.


I picked up 30 feet of coax cable. Now I carry my 13 inch TV back and forth between the computer room and bedroom.

Gnomish Identity Theft

Just started a new job in a new town. Took a couple weeks, but I finally got Charter to hook up my cable and internet.

I’ve been without broadband for almost 11 months now. Of course immediately after getting it set up, I started downloading WoW patches. When that was done, I logged into my account and almost crapped myself. For starters, when I last logged out my rogue was in Ironforge. Now he is in the middle of a cave surrounded by level 53 mobs. After fighting those off, I saw that most of my armor was gone and had been replaced with lower quality. I looked through my bags and just about everything I had was gone. I hearthstoned back to Ironforge and looked in the bank. Same story.

Whoever hacked my account sold everything worth value. All my enchanting and engineering materials are gone. My engineering gadgets are gone (yes, even my battle chicken). My armor and weapons are gone. All the special items I had saved from in game events are gone. The crappy clothes on my back, less than 4 gold, and the level 60 mount I spent about three weeks working for are pretty much all I have. The bastard even changed my talent tree.

I was hoping to jump in today and start grinding towards level 70, but now it looks like I’ll just be working towards replacing everything I lost. I have sent an email to Blizzard support, but who knows if they will be able to do anything for me.