Another one bites the dust.

Today I say farewell to yet another old friend, my CRT monitor. I think it died of exhaustion, just like my TV. Maybe I’ll turn it into a fish tank.

Burning Crusade

You would think that I would be completely weened off of World of Warcraft by now. Not true. If anything, my desire to play increases with each passing day. To make matters worse, the expansion is being released today. I’m getting desperate. I’m afraid I may end up taking a crappy, low-paying job just so I can get broadband.

What have I gotten myself into?

Cortney and my mom can be very persuasive. Together they can talk me into doing just about anything. This weekend they talked me into getting a Jack Russell puppy. I’ve been trying to snap a good picture of her for three days, but she won’t sit still long enough. This one was taken just seconds before she lunged at me and tried to bite the camera. I’m having a hard time coming up with a name. In the meantime I’ve been calling her ‘Squirt’.