Xmas Wishlist 2006

#4. Hendrix Hand Transplant.

I want my hands cut off and replaced with those of Jimi Hendrix. I’m pretty sure that’s the only way I’m going to beat GHII on Expert. Playing left-handed will take some getting used to.

Xmas Wishlist 2006

#2. Kingsfall.

Knowing that daggers like this exist makes me realize that I need to join a good guild whenever I get back into WoW.

#3. Telekinesis.

I’ve tried to move objects with my mind (usually the remote control that’s just out of reach), but it never works. I think having telekinesis is the only thing that could make me lazier than I already am.

New Injuries

I’ve been wanting to bring back the old injury report, but I’ve managed to go several months without hurting myself.

The other day I was carrying a 22 inch TV down the stairs. (You can already see where this is going) My sneakers can be pretty slick on these hardwood floors. One foot slipped out from under me and I fell backwards, catching two steps in the back. The TV is fine. I broke it’s fall.

Injury Report

Xmas Wishlist 2006

It’s that time of year again. Let’s get this list started.

My Ewok#1. I want my very own Ewok.

Picture this. Jehovah’s witnesses show up on your doorstep. Before slamming the door in their face you let out a sharp whistle, signaling the Ewok on your roof to begin pelting them with rocks.

Or some jerk is tailgating you on the interstate. You pop your trunk open and the Ewok waiting inside chucks a spear through the guy’s radiator.

I don’t know if Ewok’s shed, but unlike other pets you can tell an Ewok to clean its fur off the couch. And they probably just eat tree bark and dirt and stuff, so you don’t even have to buy food for them.