in line at Staples
I should really be in bed
“Hey man, no cutting!”

Needs more umlauts.

Okay, get ready for yet another Guitar Hero post. I’ve been playing GH2 for a week now. I’ve passed all the songs on Easy and Medium levels, and I’m just a few songs away from completing everything on Hard. The game is harder than the first, but the Practice Mode helps out a lot. Overall, the songs are a disappointment. I love the selection of classic rock and ’90s rock. The metal is alright. But there are too many crappy songs by new bands and other bands I’ve never heard of.

I got bored today so I whipped up some cover art for my band’s debut album. We’re going on tour pretty soon.


Last year I bought Guitar Hero a week before it was supposed to be released because Best Buy goofed and put it out on the shelves early. So I’ve been checking out all the forums to see if the same thing is happening with GH II. Sure enough, a few Target stores around the country started selling the game this week. As soon as I found out, I headed to Knoxville to pick up a copy. I go back to the electronics section and there, sitting in a cabinet, are several copies. I call over the nearest employee and ask them to unlock the cabinet.

“Which game do you want?”

“Guitar Hero II.”

“Sorry. We can’t let you have that one.”


Seems that Target had been alerted about the situation. The guy said he would sell it to me if he could, but that it wouldn’t even ring up at the register now. I stood there with my hand on the glass, staring at the game for what felt like an eternity. I would have asked the guy if I could have held it for a little while, but that might have come across as creepy.

Tuesday morning we will be reunited.