Last night I finished painting my second GH controller. It didn’t turn out the way I had it pictured in my head, but nothing ever does. I was going for a faux rust finish body with worn wooden neck. Parts of it turned out great and other parts look like crap. At least it’s better than plain black and white.

I’m probably going to end up with quite a collection of guitars. Red Octane is producing a wireless version that I’m sure I’ll get eventually, and then there’s the 360 controller that I plan on modding.

#16. Jump out of a moving vehicle.

I jumped out of the back of Matt’s truck today. He was only going between 10-15 mph. But since I am currently without health insurance (yeah, I know that’s stupid), I didn’t want to take the risk of going any faster.

Smell the Glove

Friday I picked up the latest issue of OPM which contained a demo disc for Guitar Hero II. I beat the four songs on Medium and Hard modes. It seems to be a little more difficult than the original. That may just be because I haven’t played since I had everyone over months ago. I have yet to try the new co-op mode.

Anyone interested in seeing which songs have been announced so far can check here. I’m not as excited over this setlist as I was with the one from the first game. I can’t wait to play Crazy on You. You can also see a pic of the X-plorer controller for the 360 version to be released sometime next year. You can bet that I will be attempting to mod it to work with the PS2.

For the next month I’ll be practicing daily. I also have another paint job in the works for my second controller.