Signs I'm Having World of Warcraft Withdrawals

I tried to stealth past the Wal-Mart greeter.
I yell “LFG” in public places.
I placed a classified ad that read ‘WTB +15 agi 1h. i have mats.’
I find myself spending lots of time at auctions.
When I go fishing I get upset about actually catching fish instead of waterlogged chests.
I’m breaking my back trying to lug around 5 16-slot bags.
I go to the mailbox at least 10 times a day.
After running some errands, I tried to hearth back home.
I worry about getting ganked.
I can’t figure out how to switch to my alt.
I immediately suspect any Asians I see of being gold farmers.
I threw out my keys and now pick all locks.
On more than one occasion I have skinned roadkill.
I wasted an hour yesterday trying to level up my cooking skill by repeatedly making toast.
I stop random people on the street and ask them to sign my guild charter.