Not My Cake

We were at Wal-Mart yesterday. In the back of the store was a rack of half-price baked goods. I saw a cake that said “Congratulations Sharon Class of ’06”. Don’t know who Sharon is or why she didn’t get her graduation cake, but I’m eating it right now and it tastes pretty good.


Turns out my neighbors had another party last night and that’s why there were girls yelling outside my window. They managed to keep this party a lot quieter than the last one. That is until 3:20am when they took it outside and woke up me and probably everyone else around here. One girl was extremely loud and every other word out of her mouth was an F-bomb. I think these guys may be moving out also, but if they aren’t, they’re surely going to be kicked out now.

Cortney and my parents will be here in less than two hours. I’ve already told them to be as loud as possible when they arrive.

Time Capsule

I’ve been cleaning out drawers and cabinets tonight, boxing up stuff to move this weekend. I’m kind of a pack rat so there’s a lot of junk around here. I pulled out a lot of stuff that brings back memories from the last several years. Stolen campaign signs, movie ticket stubs, the bastard game, the toothbrush I used to play that prank on Steven, a can of Right Guard, Snap n’ Pops, and more.

On a completely unrelated matter, I just heard some girls yelling outside my window. The only part I could make out was, “Oooh, baby. Yeah!”

Google Video to AVI

Here’s a nifty little tool that will let you save those Google videos as AVI files.

Click It or Kick It

I wear my seatbelt all the time. The advantages of wearing it by far outweigh the disadvantages. That’s why I don’t understand people who don’t use them. With that in mind, I think these seatbelt laws are only in place to make money. Police would probably rather you didn’t wear your seatbelt just so they could write you a ticket. I think helmet laws for motorcycles are the same.

I say let people go without seatbelts and helmets if they want to. They’re putting their own safety at risk. The way I see it, it’s just nature’s way of weeding out the idiots. Better yet, if someone gets caught without a seatbelt give them the choice of paying a fine or signing an organ donor card.