Ants in My Pants

It crossed my mind a few days ago that I haven’t had any trouble with ants this year. Every spring for at least the last three years I’ve had problems with ants coming into my kitchen. Then I bait and spray for a week or two and they’re gone.

Of course, the morning after I made this observation I found that the little bastards had made their way into my garbage can. I didn’t have any bug spray so I grabbed a can of Febreze Air Effects and let them have it. Then I sprayed the stuff all around where I thought the ants were coming in. So far I’ve only seen a few come back, and on the plus side my kitchen smells like a meadow.

I’m out of here in a week and then it will be someone else’s problem.

Screech Killed the Smurfs

There was a time when cartoons dominated the airwaves on Saturday mornings. Every major television network showed cartoons until early in the afternoon. It was a tradition that lasted many, many years. This was the best time to be a kid, or even an animation-loving adult.

In the late 80’s a TV show came along that single-handedly destroyed the Saturday morning cartoon as we knew it. That show was Saved by the Bell. Live action shows had been inserted in the Saturday morning lineup many times before, but Saved by the Bell was by far the most popular. Before long, more and more live action shows started to pop up and push the animation off the air.

Today, morning news shows are taking up a large amount of time on weekends, leaving even less time for cartoons. There has also been a push to make the cartoons more educational, which sacrifices the entertainment value. Kids today don’t realize how bad they have it.

The one show that I blame for the downfall of Saturday morning cartoons is back, and once again it is shoving the animation aside. Saved by the Bell has started to air on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. I can only hope this doesn’t last. I won’t be happy until Saved by the Bell is off the air for good.

Bag Check

You may recall the problems I’ve had recently with anti-theft devices in stores.

I bought a few things at Wal-Mart today and as I was walking out the alarm went off. I was going to ignore it and just leave, but I heard this voice say, “Sir, I need to see your receipt.”

Here’s a tip for you. Some stores, Best Buy in particular, like to check your bags as you leave the store to prevent inventory loss. What most people don’t know is that this procedure is completely voluntary. You have the right to just walk out the door.

Of course in my case, I had no choice but to let them search my bag. I set of the alarm, so they had probable cause. This mountain of a woman checked the contents of my bag against the receipt, then walked over to a register and deactivated the anti-theft tags. Then she spent five minutes re-checking my receipt and writing some stuff down on a little chart. I’m glad I wasn’t in a hurry.


Yesterday Red Octane officially announced Guitar Hero II. The game will be previewed at E3 and released in November.

You can definitely mark this down as my most anticipated game of the year.

Ode to the UPS Chick

a knock at the door
you are holding my package
hotness dressed in brown


I’ve been working all week on marquees for the arcade machine. I think I’ve finally decided which one to have printed. I’m going to hold off on the side art for now. That stuff isn’t cheap

Constipated burp

Have you ever had to burp really badly, but it won’t come out? It just gets stuck in your chest. You can try swallowing air to make yourself belch, but that doesn’t always help. And if you try to force it too hard you feel like you might throw up… or worse. I’ve had one of those going for a few hours now.