Call me Lex Luthor.

I’ve been cutting my own hair for over a year and I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I got so used to getting free haircuts from Cortney that I didn’t want to go back to paying. Frankly, I think I do a better job than she did.

So today I started cutting my hair, but the clippers weren’t working well. I took the guide off and saw that the blades need to be oiled. I did just that and went back to cutting my hair. I took a big swipe up the back of my head and saw a much larger clump of hair fall to the ground than what I’m used to. That’s when I realized that I forgot to put the guide back on. I’ve been really absent minded lately. There was nothing I could do to fix it so I went ahead and cut off the rest of my hair.

I’m being optimistic about the whole thing. Now I’m one step closer to super villainy. I’ll spend less time in the shower and less time getting ready every morning. It’s cold out, so I can get away with wearing a toboggan everywhere I go. After all, it’s just hair. It’ll grow back. Unlike those three toes I lost to leprosy last week.

What's going on.

Last week somebody dropped off a dog near where my folks are building their new house. He followed Dad home and they took him in. He’s a mixed breed, but we’re not exactly sure which breeds. He definitely has some Lab in him, and I think maybe some German Shepard. The vet doesn’t know what he is either, but thinks he’s about two months old. I’ve named him Banjo and he’s probably coming to live with me until he gets too big for the condo.

With the new house and Cortney’s wedding, Christmas got the back seat this year. It was the best sleep I’ve ever gotten on Christmas Eve. Next year will have to be big to make up for this one.

I don’t ask for anything for Christmas. I’ve usually already bought everything I wanted. Most people complain that giving money for a gift is not personal. I’d much rather get cash and then buy something that I really want later.

I’ve been out of the console game since I sold my old N64 a few years back. I was feeling kind of left out so I bought a PS2 on eBay last Monday. I had a hard time deciding between the PS2 and the Xbox. On one hand there’s the possibility of playing some Xbox Live games like Halo 2 with Eric, and on the other there’s GTA: San Andreas. So you can see which one won out. The PS2 also appears to be easier to mod although I’d never do anything like that.

The following Wednesday I returned a DVD Cortney got me that I didn’t really want and bought GTA so that I’d have it when the PlayStation got here. Well it’s still not here yet. I guess when the guy said he’d ship it “immediately after payment”, he meant he’d ship it when he got around to it. The guy has impressive feedback but a few people have complained that he is slow to ship. I’m usually a patient person but GTA is sitting here on my desk mocking me. I just sent the guy an email to try and speed things up a bit but at this point there’s just about no chance of getting it in time to take with me to Eric’s and Leslie’s this weekend.

I got a replacement hard drive for the truckputer, but I forgot to bring an OS installation disk with me so minimal truckputer work has occurred since the last update.