Paranoia Strikes Deep

Recently I got an email from my ISP reprimanding me for downloading copyrighted material. I took that as an insult. There’s not a single sector on my hard drive that contains anything that has been downloaded illegally. Apparently my wireless router must be completely open, and someone in the neighborhood must have used that to their advantage and downloaded several megabytes of MAME roms. What kind of person would do something like that? They probably visited a ton of porn sites, too.

Anyway, instead of using wireless encryption I decided to use Steganos Internet Anonym. Basically what it does is mask your IP address using proxy servers located all over the world. Now my IP address changes every second.

It’s not without its quirks. Some servers block certain websites. So you just have to wait a second and refresh the page. If you’re using a server in another country, like Turkey, and you go to Google, it will take you to the Turkish version of Google. It also slows down your internet connection slightly.

The lengths I will go to to prevent myself from getting in trouble for things that other people do illegally.