The auction odyssey.

The arcade auction was fun. I got there around 8:30 and they were still unloading stuff. There were tons of games there. I walked around and noted the games that had good sized monitors, wouldn’t cost too much, and would be OK to MAME. Then I pulled out the drop cord and started playing games. The auction was late getting started and they went through rows of video poker machines, pool tables, jukeboxes, and a bunch of other stuff before they even got to the stand-up arcade games. I was surprised at some of they stuff the sold. There were a couple hot dog carts, a 7-foot tall gumball machine, and a 2001 F350 that went for something like $27,500. I wasn’t keeping track of time, but I probably played for about 3 hours.

The whole family went. I warned them before hand what they would be getting into and that I was going to stay until it was over or I bought something, but they still wanted to go. I had heard that at the end of the day most people would have bought what they came for or given up. That’s when you can find the best deals.

They had aisles set up with games on each side. An auctioneer would start on each side and work their way down the row. At times it was pretty confusing with two auctions going on simultaneously right across from each other.

A couple of the auctioneers were young and tended to start out with high bids. One guy was very entertaining and when he realized that some of the bidders were being stingy he lowered the starting bids.

The family started getting restless around 5:00pm when I hadn’t even bid on anything yet. My parents reminded me that my birthday was coming up and they could give me a little money if I nothing was going to come up in my price range.

Around 7:00 they got to a Street Fighter EX that I had looked at earlier. The guy started the bidding at $600. I thought, “Great! There’s another one I won’t be getting.” No one bid so he dropped to $500, then $300, and $200. A guy behind me and I both threw in a bid when he dropped to $100. Another guy upped it to $150. I glanced up toward the checkout line. I’d be waiting for at least an hour if I got in line now. I’d rather pay a little more and get out of there soon than wait around for something cheaper and not be able to leave until 11:00. The guy behind me and I both threw in for $200. The guy behind me didn’t see me bid, and the auctioneer didn’t see him bid. So the guy behind me thought he was winning when I actually was. If not for that, it would have gone higher and I would have dropped out. The whole thing went incredibly fast, I didn’t even realize that I had won at first. Needless to say, the guy behind me was mad.

So, I was there for about 12 hours. I only took a couple pictures. Some guy got thrown out early on for taking a bunch of pictures. I don’t see why that would be a problem.

Dad drove the game over here Sunday morning. I was about 15 minutes behind him. Instead of waiting on me to help him unload it, he tried to do it himself and broke the control panel and did something to screw up the monitor. I fixed the control panel yesterday and will see if I can get the monitor working again this week. If not, I guess Dad will be paying to have it fixed. I’ve been having terrible luck lately.