There's my good deed for the month.

I had an interesting experience this evening. I was in the kitchen trying to find something for supper when I heard “shave and a haircut” knocking at the door. I thought it must have been someone I know, but I was surprised to see the two ladies who live in G-4 at my doorstep. They asked to use the phone, and, of course, I let them in.

G-4 is the most moving place in the complex. I don’t think anyone has lived there longer than four months. My guess is that the place is haunted. There was the really old Jewish couple, the guy that got in a fight with his ex-wife in the parking lot, the guys who used to have parties almost every night, and the hot chick just to name a few. I always wished the hot chick would lock herself out and need to use my phone, but that never happened. Instead I get these two ladies, one of which smells heavily of menthols.

I gathered from her conversations that her name is Suzy Q., she has $40, and she needs a ride to the grocery store. So they don’t have a phone or a car. I let her make two calls. The first was to a person who couldn’t give her a ride because they were having “car trouble”. To me that’s a sign that her friend was tired of being her chauffeur. The second call was to someone who wasn’t home. At this point I started formulating an excuse in my head in case they asked me for a ride. Luckily they didn’t and they left. Twenty minutes later I was still smelling cigarette smoke.

Boredom makes you do crazy things.

As fate would have it, my cable went out for several hours yesterday. I sat on the couch for about 20 minutes just staring at the static on TV, hoping the cable would come back on at any second. Of course my cable internet was out, too. It wasn’t coming back anytime soon. I panicked and started contemplating suicide. I stuck my head in the oven and waited for the sweet release from boredom that only death could bring. After awhile I realized that nothing was going to happen because I have an electric oven. While I was in there I noticed how dirty it was, so I cleaned it. Then I remembered I could just watch a DVD. Why didn’t I think of that in the first place?