Odd eBay Items

Water Tower Water Tower

Buy your own 55,000 gallon water tower. Available for pick up only.

Scrotum Smasher Scrotum Smasher

I thought this was going to be some insane torture device, but it’s just a guitar preamp with a funny name. Scrotum.

Pictures of a Cannibalistic Rat

Ten photos of a rat eating another rat. Not for the squeamish.

Odd eBay Items

Push the Button Save the World

By bidding on this auction, you can prevent some dude from pushing a button on his doomsday device. Doomsday device, or 4 port USB hub?

Shot with BBs Shoot a guy with BBs

For every $2 bid, this guy will get shot with a BB gun from 10 inches away.

John Ritter's Ghost Ghost in a Plastic Container

This plastic container may or may not contain a ghost. And it may or may not be the ghost of John Ritter.

Odd eBay Items

Graveyard Dirt Graveyard Dirt

Apparently this stuff will protect you from your enemies. Maybe. If you throw it in their face and run away.

Christmas Penis Bones Raccoon Penis Bone Christmas Ornaments

I’ve featured auctions for various animal penis bones in the past, but these are the first ones I’ve ever seen that have been turned into Christmas decorations.

Weird guitar Weird Guitar Hero Controller

Whaaa? Yes, I’m selling the guitar. Ever since I made it, I’ve been curious about how much I could sell it for. I feel like I’m selling my child. A child that has been hanging on the wall, collecting dust for the last few months. But, you can always make another one. Hopefully it will go to someone who will take care of it.

Odd eBay Items

Malibu Squirrel Barbie Malibu Squirrel Barbie

That crazy squirrel taxidermist is back. This time with a squirrel head stuck onto the body of a Barbie doll. It would make a perfect gift for any little girl this Christmas.

Rod and Tackle Warmer Rod and Tackle Warmer

We’re less than three weeks away from the official start of winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, but it’s already pretty cold out. If you’re freezing your junk off, I recommend one of these handmade wang warmers. “One size fits most.”

Creationism DiplomaDo you want to make more money? Sure, we all do. Get your diploma today from the prestigious “Peter Lay Institute of Space Technologies”. You can choose from:

Odd eBay Items

Turtle Boy Turtle Boy

This thing is just creepy. The face looks like a Michael Myers mask. This may very well be the result of William Shatner mating with a tortoise.

Phallic Cheeto Phallic Cheeto

Personally, I don’t see it. But I guess anyone with wang-on-the-brain will see it right off.

Barbie Crack House Barbie Crack House

You have to read the description on this one.

Odd eBay Items

Last week’s seller of the Cannibal Squirrel may be my new hero. This week he’s selling a squirrel with heads for hands.

Lobster Boy Hand Cast Son of Lobster Boy Hand Cast

Grady Stiles, Jr. was a famous freak show performer known as Lobster Boy. He was also a wife-beater and convicted murderer. His own family hired a hitman to kill him. You may have seen the story on City Confidential. This is a cast of the hand of his son, who has the same deformity.

Cow Skull Mutilated Cow Skull

Here is the skull of a cow that died under mysterious circumstances. I’ve heard a lot of theories on the cause of cattle mutilations. Alien experiments. Satanic cults. Black Ops. Chupacabras. Giant bloodthirsty rabbits.

Vagina Costume Vagina Costume

Um… it’s a costume that looks like a vagina. What else is there to say?

Odd eBay Items

Cannibal Squirrel Cannibal Squirrel

Here we have a squirrel dining on the severed head of a comrade. I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff made by taxidermists, but this is one of the coolest. I’m really tempted to buy it.

Foreskin Restoration Device Foreskin Restoration Device

This contraption is apparently used to stretch the skin on a circumcised wang in order to re-create foreskin. Sounds painful. If you don’t want to go to all that trouble you can always try wearing artificial foreskin.

Two-Headed Fetus Pendant Two-Headed Fetus Pendant

The Engrish description of this item says it was carved from a “fruit tree ghost”. It’s preserved nicely in a plastic case along with what appears to be an ounce of urine. Wearing this around your neck might not protect you from “bad spiritual”, but it will definitely protect you from hot chicks.