Liberty City

beating up hookers
mowing down pedestrians
molotov cocktails

up the fire escape
switch to my sniper rifle
another headshot

blowing through red lights
police chopper in the air
where’s a Pay ‘n’ Spray?

One year closer to death.

Twenty-seven years ago today, Back Roads was tops at the box office, Dallas was dominating the television airwaves, REO Speedwagon’s Keep On Loving You was the number one song in the nation, and a large, ugly baby was born.


ice cream sandwiches
Lucky Charms, Chef Boyardee
I eat like a child


first review at work
boss says I’m doing okay
gave me a small raise


in line at Staples
I should really be in bed
“Hey man, no cutting!”

Ode to the UPS Chick

a knock at the door
you are holding my package
hotness dressed in brown


just another day
anniversary of birth
free restaurant dessert
quarter century
one-third, life expectancy
insurance goes down