Xmas Wishlist 2012

Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device Replica

By sheer dumb luck I was able to grab a Portal gun replica before they ran out of stock. With only 5000 produced, these things are in high demand. Several are being sold on eBay for 3 to 4 times the retail price.

I’ve heard that some retailers just slap a UPS label right on the product box, and it arrives scuffed up and torn. I got my ASHPD  directly from NECA Club. It came shipped in a cardboard box, so the original packaging was in good shape.

I’ll start with the good news. The gun is a spot-on reproduction of the one in the game. The construction feels mostly solid. The claws on the front aren’t flimsy, but do feel like they could break off if not handled with care.

The gun grip inside is roomy enough to accommodate my big hands. A slide switch changes the light color, and a trigger activates the sound effects. The trigger and switch feel sturdy. They should stand up to frequent use. The red LEDs on the claws are super bright. The blue and orange lights look great. However, the light on top bleeds through the white plastic housing. The sound effects, while accurate to the game, don’t sound very clear.

For the most part, this is a quality replica. But there is one glaring flaw that sours the entire product for me. Where the wire attaches to the top claw looks like it was glued together by my 3-year-old niece. I can’t believe this made it past quality control. There is super glue residue all over the place.

I should be able to clean it up. The majority of the residue will probably wipe off with a little soap and water. Some of the heavier spots may require acetone.

The only NECA product I’ve purchased prior to this was the Bioshock EVE Hypo. That one also left me underwhelmed. The needle fell off right after I opened it, and the batteries inside were corroded. I’ll be leery of buying anything else from NECA in the future.

Injury Report

I just smashed the tips of my fingers in the garage door.  It hurt so bad that I puked in the driveway.

Xmas Wishlist 2011

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the annual wishlist.

Philips Urban Beehive

RoboCop Costume

Lego Death Star

The Twilight Zone Mystic Seer Replica – Signature Edition

Grizzly G0618 CNC Mill


Injury Report

I may have to start wearing steel-toed shoes around the house.  It seems like most of my injuries these days involve me stubbing a toe or dropping something on my foot.  This time a can of biscuits rolled off the kitchen counter and landed on my big toe, splitting it open.

Injury Report

I guess this qualifies as an injury.  I stumbled across a nest of yellow jackets while doing some yard work.  Only one of the little bastards stung me, but he got me right on the ear.  Now my left ear is beet red and swollen to twice its size.

The Trifecta

Earlier this week I received a coupon from GameStop for $100 off a PS3.  After some debate I decided to bite.  Along with some trade ins and gift cards I walked out with a 160GB PS3 and God of War III for just under $90.  Now I own all three consoles, although the Wii hasn’t been used in a couple years.